IP Patent Fund


Looking for a Patent Loan?

The IP Patent Fund offers mid and late stage technology companies an innovative way of leveraging their patents without risking them in litigation or losing a strategic advantage by selling, and provide an attractive alternative to traditional lending.

$5m – $ 100 m per traunche.

Interest Rate:  10% to 13%*

AGRA Transaction fee:  5%

* These terms/Interest rates are for informational purposes only and do not constitute any sort of guarantee on what actual rate would be obtained if  they were in fact eligible for financing *

The ip patent fund likes to see some positive cash flow to cover debt-service, but if the portfolio warrants a strong enough valuation that may not be a critical criteria.  The company needs to have been in business for at least one year or more.

Also, some of the funding terms depends on the use of funds :

Use of Funds: General corporate financing, Additional Patent acquisition, Patent enforcement.

Target Industries:  Software, Mobile, Net, Communications, Media tech, Social networking, Semiconductors, Hardware, Wireless.

IP Financing – IP Patent Asset Backed Loan Strategy

This IP Patent Asset backed loan strategy is designed to provide innovative structured financing, in the form of patent backed loans to technology companies that elect to use their IP’s.

The fund aims to pursue the significant opportunity that we believe is created by the inability of traditional financing providers, such as equity investors and traditional lenders, to evaluate and monetize patents, resulting in decreasing capital availability for thousands of technology companies with valuable patents and patent applications (“IP Assets”).

The fund developed a unique and differentiated approach to lending to Technology companies. Leveraging the substantial patent monetization expertise of the team and proprietary patent analysis tools, the fund endeavors to provide financing to companies based on an assessment of the value of the IP Assets.