Mezzanine Financing Opportunties

AGRA Capital transacts on both sponsored and unsponsored opportunities, and specializes in creative, flexible and out of the box financings, for U.S. based, small and mid-sized businesses. Our typical Mezzanine financings range from $5m to $50m.

Mezzanine Acquisition Financing Options

Whether it is used as acquisition debt, growth capital funding, bank refinancing, or owner buy-out, mezzanine financing is flexible, long-term capital that can accelerate corporate growth and build long-term value.

Using Mezzanine Debt

Mezzanine debt, when properly used, can provide all the capital needed to fund an acquisition, or buy-out.  A business’ mezzanine debt capacity is easy to define and can reduce or eliminate ownership dilution, while preserving economic upside.

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